This web-site is the culminating class project for Prof. Jenny James’ Writing 101 first-year seminar at Pacific Lutheran University, entitled “Water, Politics, Place.” Over the course of two months in the fall of 2018, students took part in a community engagement partnership with the Deschutes Estuary Restoration Team (DERT), located in Olympia, WA. With the help of DERT and the PLU Digital Humanities Lab, students created a web-based class project that supports DERT’s efforts to restore the Deschutes estuary. Visitors to our site can view video interviews of local community advocates for estuary restoration as well as read essays authored by PLU students which make a case for the removal of Olympia’s 5th Avenue Dam to promote the ecological renewal of the Deschutes watershed. Throughout the project, we’ve drawn from various theories of environmental ethics to better understand our obligations and duties to foster a healthy watershed and a vibrant and ecologically sustainable community in Olympia, our state capitol.

Website Creators
Nikita Apanasevich ’22
Tania Reyes ’22
Kathleen Basilio ’22
Gunnar Legler ’22