Who are We?

We are a group of students at Pacific Lutheran University who are passionate about the environment.  Over the last few months we have studied our natural environment and the human impact on it with an emphasis on water.  Our focus has turned to the 5th Avenue dam in Olympia, WA which we all visited in a research trip to study the Deschutes water system.  To build this website with all of its content, we broke up into three distinct teams.

Team A conducted extensive research on the Deschutes Estuary and River systems and have each written essays showcased on this website about the dam and the Deschutes.

Team B was trained in video shooting and editing, then took a second trip Olympia.  There, they conducted interviews of a city council member, members of DERT and members of the local Squaxin Island tribe.  This was all in order to better understand and convey the impact of the dam and the importance of the Deschutes river system.

Team C is the team who designed this website.  Although we also have done extensive research on this topic we chose to focus on displaying the information we have all collected.  We were trained in website design and have worked hard to show off everything we’ve been learning over the past few months.  Through this, we hope to teach more people about the reality of the dam and why our ecosystem is so important. 

Class Participants: Elijah Aosved ’22, Nikita Apanaesvich ’22, Kathleen Basilio ’22, Liza Bright-Watson ’22, Madeleine Elias ’22, Gunnar Legler ’22, McKenzie Meyer ’22, Eva Nakama ’22, Thomas Piwonka ’22, Juliana Rendler ’22, Tania Reyes ’22, Angela Rodriguez Hinojosa ’22, MeKade Taylor, Idris Thomas ’22, Kaila Valenzuela ’22.

For more information, contact Prof. Jenny James at jamesja@plu.edu.